I'm a Certified Nutritionist turned Holistic Health Coach for smart, ambitious, successful women who crave more out of life but aren't entirely sure what that looks like...yet.


I created this space for women who are:

committed to showing up authentically, intentionally and fully empowered

tired of merely existing and following the "shoulds"

ready to truly live and embark on a journey to elevate every aspect of their lives, from health to fitness to mindset and everything in between


Take it from me: it's possible to live the inspired, fulfilling and on purpose life that you desire. You can absolutely feel free in your body and comfortable in your skin, and it is my mission to help you create more time and mental space for the things you love most (like family, friends, career, fitness and personal development). 

That {and so much more} is all within your reach.

Let me show you how.


My hope is that this little corner of the internet becomes THE online destination for women who are ready to have real conversations about their dreams, challenges, fears, successes and big hairy audacious goals that are both empowering and practical.  

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As I share about life in TORONTO, MY ADVENTURES IN #LOOKINGLIKEYOULIFT and what it means to me to become my best version. inspiration, heart, real talk and loads of coffee to come. (@samanthaushedo)