It's almost time for a mind detox


I’m training to become a Mind Detox Method Practitioner!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for this weekend!  On Saturday, I am embarking on a 2-day Masterclass, where I will learn the Mind Detox Method (MDM) and begin an intensive certification process to become a Mind Detox Method Practitioner.  This has been a goal of mine ever since I stumbled upon Debbie Spellman’s blog, as she is a MDM Practitioner based in Australia.

This is exactly the direction I want to go in with my blog and my consulting practice.  Having tried many traditional medicine approaches to treat my acne, overhauling my diet and making exercise a bigger part of my life, I am very aware that there is a strong mental and emotional aspect to this affliction.  I believe that by uncovering the root cause and learning how to deal with it will be a great tool for healing myself and others.

A bit about the Mind Detox Method….

The Mind Detox Method is ideal for you if something negative is happening to your body or in your life and you don't know why. It aims to discover and resolve the (often hidden) root cause reasons for physical, emotional and/or life problems.

More often than not, the sources and causes of your physical, emotional and life problems exist within the realms of your unconscious mind.  This can make them very difficult to find and fix – unless you know how.

The method consists of a series of powerful questions asked between a Mind Detox Practitioner and client to discover and heal the negative beliefs (often hidden in the more subtle realms of the mind) to let go of problems and stress and instead, enjoy more peace, happiness and life success.

I cannot wait to learn this method and share my knowledge with you all!  I have no doubt I will return from this weekend bursting with new ideas, insights and perspectives.  Stay tuned!