Samantha Ushedo, CNP


The week following my return from the Mind Detox Practitioner Training was incredibly hectic.  Not only was I mentally and emotionally exhausted from a weekend of soul-bearing and digging deep into my past to resolve old hurts, but I was also physically taxed from the long 6 hour drive between my home in Toronto and the training in Montreal.  By the time I got home late Sunday night, my feeling of tranquility from the weekend was replaced with anxiety and dread about the week ahead.

On top of full days at work, every single night of the week was spoken for with something I HAD to do.  And I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  I know when I’ve overextended myself when one of two things happen:

My sleep becomes irregular.

I develop pimples.

Both happened this week.  Every night I would wake up at 3am wide awake and not be able to fall asleep.  On Wednesday, I woke up with two MAJOR pimples in prominent locations on my face.  Rather obnoxious reminders that I should take better care of myself, don’tcha think?

By Friday, I was hanging on by a thread and just praying for Sunday so that I could sleep in, obligation free and revel in me time.  I’ve come to rely on Self-Centred Sundays for R&R SO much.  I was even contemplating skipping my graduation from nutrition school on Saturday afternoon.  After all, I did not have any family attending and I really just needed some down time.  I rationalized why I would be completely justified in missing the ceremony and why it wouldn’t really make a difference if I went or not, but at the last minute, I decide to suck it up and attend.

And while I was sitting in my seat, listening to the lovely Jeffron de Savoye give her valedictorian address, something happened.

The feeling of stress and overwhelm I’ve been carrying all week disappeared.  My frustration and annoyance at not being able to sleep and letting my acne get the best of me dissipated.  My sadness at not having any family members in the audience vanished.

These people were my family.  For the last 2 years, we have put in incredible amounts of time studying, researching, and learning while juggling working full time, families and trying to have personal lives.  We have felt healthier (and many of us sicker) than we have in our entire lives as we pursued our passion to make the world and everyone in it, a healthier place.  We have shared painful, often triumphant stories, battled insecurities and fears and feasted on incredible food (oh how I will miss the food).  And we survived thrived.




Each and every one of us started our journey to become a nutritionist for a different reason but our life paths converged at the same place and we walked the path together.  It was challenging, and at times difficult but I wouldn’t change the experience for a minute.  The memories we’ve shared and the friendships I’ve made are without a doubt the richest, most special of my life.  I am so thankful and proud of my fellow classmates for all we have accomplished and I cannot wait to see where we will all go from here.  The sky is the limit and I for one step into this new chapter with excitement and an open mind.

Institute of Holistic Nutrition Fall Class of 2013 – WE DID IT!!!!


Now over to you, have you ever had an experience where you gained so much more than you ever expected? Share with me in the comments below!