Your past never defines your future...YOU do!


This past weekend, I was in Montreal completing a 2-day, intensive training course on the Mind Detox Method (MDM).   Even now, I am struggling to succinctly summarize what I learned over the last 48 hours.

On the surface, I learned the history of the MDM, the power of the mind-body connection, and how unconscious unhealthy beliefs can potentially have a negative impact on a person’s health, wealth and happiness.

But at the very core, I learned so much about myself and where my negative (and often harmful) beliefs originate.  I learned that seemingly benign life events, which have occurred during my past and usually in my childhood, actually shaped the way I unconsciously react and respond to situations in the present.  And I learned that by changing these beliefs, I can stop the past from interfering with my present and future.

I came away from the weekend with some very powerful realizations:

There’s no such thing as self-sabotage.

Just because I’m not perfect does not mean I’m a failure.

It’s OK to make mistakes.

I am lovable.

I'm a survivor.

I deserve the very best and should never, EVER settle for less.

Trust my gut.

It’s not so much the realizations themselves that resonated so much for me, it was more that for the first time, I actually believe that they are all true.  Every last one of them.  Before the MDM, I knew these simple truths logically, intuitively, and realistically, but I didn't always believe they were true.  I could always find examples that validated the negative, limiting belief that I had, which allowed me to be justified in feeling sad, angry, rejected, not good enough, etc.

Despite what may or may not have happened in the past, I can now say that without a doubt that I have the power to change the way it affects me.  I am not powerless.  I am no longer trapped by the limiting belief that past events are destined to dictate the rest of my life.

But do you want to know the best part? This is also true for YOU, as well!

You can let go of negative emotions related to people, places, events or things in your past, present in future.

You can change limiting beliefs that are blocking your life enjoyment and success.

You can resolve the emotions that may be negatively impacting your habits and behaviours.

You can enjoy more inner peace, confidence, contentment and so much more.

As part of my certification, I will soon be offering FREE Mind Detox sessions for those who are interested in getting to the root cause of their physical or life issues once and for all.  If you have something negative happening in your body and in your life and you don’t know why, I’d love to work with you.

Are you ready to let go of stress, to problems that are constantly bringing you down and to live the life you were meant to?  Then I’m excited to work with you!


Do you have a limiting belief that keeps you from being happy and healthy? How would your life be better or different if you could squash that limiting belief for good?