When will you be enough?


Are you living a life of IF…THEN…?

So often we believe that IF we just lost those 10 pounds, or got the right job, or the perfect partner THEN we would be happy. That once we reach some far away goal, then we would be able to feel that we are worthy of what we desire. But very often when we lose the weight, land the job, and get the partner we STILL feel empty inside. We then think we need to accomplish something new. This vicious cycle leads to loneliness, unhappiness and not feeling fulfilled.

If you can relate to this, I think you’re going to find today’s interview helpful. Suzanne Hanna from the Live An Inspired Life podcast and I have a raw and honest conversation about the path to self-love and acceptance WITHOUT having to earn it or continue on the never ending hamster wheel of chasing something new to feel fulfilled. The truth is, the only path worth walking is the one that leads you home to YOU.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • my journey on the path to self-love
  • the power of surrender as a catalyst for healing
  • the difference between “giving up” and “surrender”
  • why we teach what we need to learn
  • how self-compassion and self-acceptance help you move through resistance

It’s a fabulous episode and you can listen to it by clicking here.