And so it begins....(again)

Oh fateful blog, we meet again.

You know, it's interesting how space can give us a little perspective.  I gave myself permission back in January to take some time off to see the bigger picture, find my purpose, clarify my voice and frankly, take a few things off my plate and do you know what I realized? I love personal development work.  When I'm not searching for it, it seeks ME out.  And what's more, I have a lot to say, so why not say it here?  On my turf.  In my own special way.  With no agenda, no ulterior motive and most especially, no pressure. *cue sigh of relief*

So I'm back and with a vengeance. I'm all juiced up to kick off a global conversation about embracing the messy middle in life. You know, the not-so-fun stuff, the setbacks, the doubts, the fears, the what the efffff am I doing moments; when all you feel like doing is giving up, quitting and hiding yourself under the covers.  

I want to dig in to that.  That right there gorgeous, is the good stuff.  And I plan to serve up straight #realtalk with an extra helping of love and support to remind you that you are not alone, the pain is worth the reward and there is, without a doubt, a light at the end of the tunnel.

As my friend and coach Michell Smith says, "middles only don't suck if you're an Oreo". #truestory

So if you're anything like me and find yourself perpetually on a journey of self-discovery, self-development or you're ready to start up levelling different areas of your life, watch this space because I want to be a helpful resource and provide the most supportive community of women to help you move your life in the direction you dream of.

My hope is that you will find encouragement through my musings, inspiration through my triumphs, comfort through my missteps and along the way, learn to love this messy ride called life.

Thanks for being here.  Let's do this!