What's the harm in making things easier?

Seriously though.

What if we let it be easy? And by "it" I mean life. Conversations. Relationships. Work. Fitness.  Cooking. Housework. Parenting. Travel. Life.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately especially while I geared up to move last month.  If you've known me for any length of time, you'll probably know that I've moved a lot since coming to Toronto 6 years ago. And I mean A LOT.

6 times in 6 years to be exact.

I'm basically a professional at this now and I've picked up a few tricks and non-negotiable habits along the way.  For instance, I always hire professional movers.  Full stop.  People have tried to convince me that it's a waste of money, shame me for being lazy, scare me into believing that I'm going to have my belongings stolen or held ransom (yup, apparently it's a thing) and the list goes on.  But something I've learned after multiple moves is that for me and my sanity, it is just so much easier to hire movers to come to my place, pack up my boxes and deliver them to the new location.  While it certainly costs more than renting a UHAUL and asking a few buddies to come over and help with the promise of pizza and ice cold beer, I just cannot be bothered to deal with that kind of hassle and the inevitable feelings of nerves and fear that people will be inconvenienced or (true story) prove to be unreliable.

So I hire movers. And if you share and of these same fears, I would recommend you do the same.

**If you're in the GTA, send me a note and I'd be happy to recommend some excellent moving companies!**

But while I am steadfast on my requirement to make moving as easy as possible on myself, I'm not as diligent in the other areas of my life. So it got me thinking: what's the harm in making things easier?

While I don't know for sure, and expect I'll be doing some deeper digging on this subject as I go along, I believe it has a lot to do with shame.  The shame of feeling like I should know better.  The shame of feeling like I should be able to do it on my own. The shame that this shouldn't be so hard. The shame of seeing others find success so why can't I?

Life is hard.  And anyone who pretends that it isn't is full of crap.  If you want to make any sort of change in your life whether it is a physical change of address, career, relationship status, lifestyle and number on the scale, it takes work.  The process is never linear.  You will struggle, experience setbacks and deal with a ton of self-doubt.  In no particular order and in any phase of the journey.

So what's the harm in making things easier?

Or possibly a better question, what's the harm in keeping things the same?  Are you any closer to your goal? Are you any less stressed? If the answer is no, I'd urge you to consider how you could make things easier for yourself, even if that looks like the simplest of actions.

In the spirit of transparency and in line with how I want this blog and my work to go, I'd love to offer you some of the things I've done to make things a bit easier on me.  These were all things I felt a lot of resistance, guilt and shame about but in the end, I realized that if things don't change they stay the same.

1. I hired a copywriter to help me make sense of all the thoughts and ideas I had about the podcast I plan to launch. I'm a strong writer. Even articulate at times. Yea it cost money but you know what? I would never have gotten as far as I have if I tried to DIY it and kept getting overwhelmed with ideas. [SPOILER ALERT: I'm gearing up to launch this fall!|

2. I'm working with a sports nutrition coach to help me bust through some fitness plateaus and guess what? It's been 1 week and I'm already seeing and feeling AMAZING! I'm a holistic nutritionist so I should be able to do this on my own, right? The truth is, there is a reason why people hire coaches --> to help them elevate their games.  I've never heard of an Olympic athlete who was successful and was flying solo - have you? There's a reason for that...

3. I'm feeling bored in my workouts and craving a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts so I'm scouting out and trialling some bootcamps and gyms in my area to see what I like.  Is it an additional cost? Yes. Do I NEED to join a new gym when I have plenty I can do in the comfort of my home home? Absolutely not. Will it help me stay consistent, reinvigorate my love of exercise and help me maintain momentum? Heck yes.  And that's all the reason I need.

4. I ditched my Wordpress website and moved over to Squarespace. My old site was giving me serious anxiety and I couldn't stand to look at it, let alone continue to pay people to do all of the simple things I should have been able to do on my own but couldn't because it always took 3,000x longer than it was supposed to.  So I spent a weekend and made a new site.  All on my own.  And I LOVE it!  What do you think about my new online home?

Be UNreasonable.  There will always be some reason why you "shouldn't" do something you really want to do. And many of them will likely revolve around cost.  I get it. Trust me, I have debt up to my eyeballs and it isn't going away any time soon.  But can you put a price on your quality of life? Your peace of mind? Having that extra time to spend with loved ones? Feeling vital, strong and healthy? Having more time to focus on what matters most to you?

Give yourself permission to make things easier on yourself. You deserve it gorgeous. 



Now over to you: what is ONE thing you can do this week to make things easier for yourself? And then, take action on it right away!