Thoughtful or Thought Full?

"If you have the same damn thoughts, you're gonna have the same damn day" - Meadow DeVor

Kind of a no-brainer, right?


But the truth is, many of us are completely unaware of the thoughts we are thinking on any given day.  In fact, my coach Brooke Castillo equates the unconscious mind to “an unsupervised toddler with a knife” and this is not far off.  Many of us have very painful thoughts running through our heads and so in response to that and as a way to avoid experiencing the pain of those thoughts, we avoid dealing with them all together.  And that’s perfectly okay.  I mean, on any given day, we have roughly 60,000 thoughts, so there’s bound to be a few negative one in the bunch – right?




What I’m learning (and noticing in my own life) is that problems arise when you find yourself struggling to understand why you aren’t getting the results you desire in your life.


If there is something you want in your life; to achieve a certain weight, to start a business, to fall in love, to take your life to the next level and you are not getting the results you want, ask yourself WHY.


The answer will always be: because of your mind. Because of the THOUGHTS you are thinking. And while that may seem rather simplistic or “woo woo” on the outset, but not only is it simply the way life works but it’s also really good to know!


Brooke teaches this concept with a very simple model and if you get it, like really get it, it can change your life:


Your Thoughts –> Your Feelings –> Your Actions

= Your Results.


In other words:

·       When you think a thought, you feel a feeling.

·       That feeling causes you to take action (or not).

·       And those actions (or inactions) create results.


Which means: You can’t permanently change your results without changing your thoughts.


But before you change your thoughts, you need to be AWARE of your thoughts.  This is where the work really begins. And since I’ve committed to making my life UNRECOGNIZABLE by the end of 2017, this has been an illuminating (and often times challenging) starting point for me.


I’ve committed to taking on the role of a “watcher” and examining my thoughts on a daily basis.  I’m interested in thinking ON PURPOSE and being more deliberate in what I want my brain to spend time focusing on. 


I believe you get more and better results in your life when you leverage this one simple truth: your inner world creates your outer world and so, I have a question and a challenge for you this week…


Have you every taken a look at your mind and started being more conscious about paying attention to the thoughts you think on a daily basis? 


Whether your answer was YES or NO to this question, I challenge you to be more intentional about turning the lights on in your mind and getting to know what is going on in your head.


Every morning, take out a piece of paper or the Notes app on your phone, and write down everything you’re thinking.  And then just notice how it makes you feel.  Avoid the urge to judge yourself, especially if many of the thoughts are negative.  Just notice.  If you’re willing to allow whatever feelings come rather than resist them and simply be curious rather than self-critical, your life will begin to change.


Do this for one week and notice what shifts for you. You may just find that life becomes that much sweeter when your mind is working for you and not against you.  I sure have! And as always, connect with me on Instagram and let me know how this process goes, I can’t wait to hear!