7 Fitstagram Accounts I'm Loving Lately


Is "getting fit" one of your New Years Resolutions this year?

Well, there’s certainly no shortage of advice on the internet about how to get in shape; just scroll through any social media feed and you can expect to be inundated with information on the latest workout trend, exercise move and piece of equipment that will “change the game” and ensure you achieve the body of your dreams in 2017. And while I’m all for experimenting, trying new things and finding out what works for you, it can certainly be a challenge to sift through all the fluff and false advertising and find the fitness authorities who are not only credible, but inspiring and provide information that is worthy of your precious time.

As I embark on the next phase of my fitness journey, I wanted to share a few of the “Fitstagram” accounts I’ve been loving lately and some of the awesome women who are helping me take my workouts to the next level.

1. Amber Dodzweit (@amberdodzweit)

I’m a proud member of the ATEAM and I can honestly say that Amber is truly one of the best coaches out there.  She’s a women’s circuit and HIIT coach and her programs are legit.  Not only that, but the community she creates of positive, supportive and incredibly inspiring women is unlike anything I’ve ever seen online. This woman really walks her talk and helps people get results and rediscover their passion for fitness in a way that is genuine, and most of all sustainable.


2. Whitney Simmons (@whitneyysimmons)

I have no idea how I stumbled across Whit but I’m so glad I did (and secretly, I want to be friends with her). She has a really sweet and funny personality, she posts tons of workouts on her IG and Snapchat feeds and best of all, she posts her full workouts on her Youtube channel and let me tell you: they are KILLER! She is an incredibly generous human who is giving away a ton of information for free and it is fantastic stuff!


3. Jill Coleman (@jillfit)

I have followed Jill for years and I love her insightful posts and emails.  She is raw and real and in this industry, that is a rarity. I love her approach to health and fitness – she’s all about #moderation365 when it comes to eating and loves to lift heavy. Plus, she creates incredibly challenging workouts that take 30 minutes or less to complete.  I’ve been doing her TreadLift program the last month or so and I can attest to the fact that these workouts are effective!


4. Massy Arias (@massy.arias)

If I could use one word to describe Massy Arias, it would be this: BEAST.  The trainer and health coach has over 2 million followers on Instagram and for good reason; her posts are inspiring, her workouts are challenging and innovative and she always has an inspiring message to share with her followers.  She is a thriving example of how adopting an active lifestyle can change an individual’s life physically, mentally and spiritually.  Her workouts are constantly changing and I love that even with little to no equipment, I can do one of her workouts and get an amazing sweat session in! 


PS: She's pregnant right now and her workouts are still ridiculously hard!


5. Jessie Delgado (@jessiebabyfit)

Let’s be honest: Jessie is serious #bodygoals but what I love most about her is that she is a true athlete, she works her butt off and she loves what she does.  Fitness is a lifestyle to her and the pride she has for the results she has created for herself is incredibly inspiring.  Her and her partner Robert Luth have created many creative workouts and I’ve had a lot of fun (and experienced a lot of good pain) while incorporating them into my workout routine.  You can also check out @jbfworkouts and @robert.luth for even more workout inspiration from them.


6. Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)

I just recently discovered Alexia Clark (thank you Explore tab!) and I can honestly see why they call her the “Queen of Workouts” – this woman works HARD!  She has tons of great videos on her Instagram feed but I have really been enjoying the circuits she posts on her Insta-Stories (she provides full instructions so you can replicate her workouts and believe me, they are tough). Alexia is definitely fit for a reason!


7. Caroline Candace (@carolinetusiuk)

This GTA native (hey girl hey!) is a fellow Certified Nutritional Practitioner and IHN graduate and I discovered her feed through a friend of a friend. While she posts a lot of great workouts, what I think really sets Caroline apart is how she takes the time to really teach her followers the WHY behind what she does and implores people to understand the mechanics behind the movements, the importance of experimenting and finding what works for you and loving yourself through the process.  


So there you have it.  These are the 7 fitspo accounts I’m loving lately and I hope some (or all) of them can be a source of inspiration for you as well. 


Do you have any “Must Follow” fitness accounts? I’m always looking for new sources of motivation and would love to know who you’re loving lately. Hit me up in the comments on my Instagram page and share your faves with me!