The Power of Sisterhood + Rising Together

Girls compete. Women empower. 

You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down.

 When women support each other, incredible things happen.

 One woman can make a difference, but together, we can rock the world.

 I’m an accomplice to helping women get what they want.

 Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.


Are you sensing a theme with these quotations? All of these quotes are articulating what I think are the most important aspects of sisterhood.


Togetherness. Support. Elevating each other. Collective achievement. Inspiration.

You see, as women, I believe it is our responsibility to help and support other women. And yet, the sad reality is, more often than not, there is a huge deficit that exists in the number of women who make it their personal goal to elevate other women and tear them down.

I can bet that I’m not alone in saying that more times than I’d like to count, I’ve been at the receiving end of a woman who has treated me like a competitor and has challenged me in an aggressive way when she perceives me as a threat. And I admit, I’ve been guilty of this as well. Women heap an avalanche of abuse, discrimination and incivility on one another, from the boardroom to the bedroom to the barre class (gotta keep with the alliteration, amiright?).


But we’re deserve better than this and what’s more? We are better than this.

And as someone who is normally extremely self-sufficient and I’ll-take-care-of-it-myself –thankyouverymuch, this has been a practice I’ve had to very actively, consciously and deliberately work on. Because I had to learn the hard way that we can only go so far when we go it alone. Because life is just better when you have a community of women around you lifting you, supporting you, and challenging you to go bigger, and reach higher.

I believe that we can choose to take the easy route and fall into old patterns of behavior, or we can challenge ourselves to rise up and to set an example of what being a strong and supportive woman really looks like.

One person’s accomplishments in no way take away from yours. And in fact, learning to not only appreciate, but actually support other women’s effort boosts both their outcomes AND yours. The quickest path to feeling good is making others feel good.

Now, more than ever, we’re being called to gather instead of being the “lone wolf”.  To support one another, rather than be stuck in comparison.  To collaborate, rather than compete. 

So believe me when I tell you – the power of women coming together is beyond imaginable. 

And I want my life, my message and my mission on this planet to be a stand for showing you just how truly powerful sisterhood can be.


Today, I invite you to lift up your fellow sister with a kind word, a show of encouragement, a note of gratitude or a shout-out on social media. With that one, simple gesture, you can create a ripple effect that reaches farther than you could ever dream possible.


In the spirit of sisterhood, I'd love to share two of my dear friends with you today and let you know about the incredible work they are doing in the world. These women have absolutely incredible gifts and I want to share the work they're doing with you in hopes that it will elevate, support and be in service to you and what you want most in life.


Amber Chalus helps women liberate themselves from fear, stress and overwhelm so that they can escape the ordinary, live their purpose and find freedom within. She has just launched   The Liberation Circle: a sacred space for finding true self love, discovering radical self care and embodying divine self expression - without moving to bali, giving up pasta or quitting your life. Sounds incredible, right?

My dear friend and fellow Holistic Nutritionist Danielle Binns has just launched her Healthy Eater 6-Day Challenge, which provides parents who find mealtimes stressful with simple and easy-to-implement solutions to change the way they feed their picky eater. Plus, she's giving away prizes!

I want to be an example of sisterhood in action. I am committed to elevating, celebrating and supporting other women and creating a nourishing space where we all feel free to come as we are, dream big and move boldly in the direction of our deepest desires. Will you join me?

And remember: when one woman soars, it doesn’t mean your wings are clipped, or that there’s limited air space. What's possible for her is possible for you, too. 



Sister on!