The PS: I Love Me Self-Love Challenge is BACK!



If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works. – Louise Hay

I love this quote by Louise Hay because I think it is critical that we, as women, learn to love ourselves.  Head over heels, truly madly deeply, and purely unadulterated.  Love with a capital L. Because when you actively choose to love yourself, when all your actions come from love, everything in your life aligns just right. 
You see, I firmly believe that love is our God(dess)-given right. We are born in a state of love and we leave in a state of love.  And what happens in between is entirely up to us. But there’s one thing I know for sure: you cannot truly love another or receive love from another if you don't love yourself first.
So let me ask you a question.  What would it be like if you could…

Rediscover yourself. Step outside your comfort zone. Transform your relationship with your body. Change your perspective. Karate chop limiting beliefs. Take time to notice the blessings all around you.  Turn down the volume on your inner critic.  Confront what scares you. Find beauty in your flaws.  Remember that you are enough. Choose love over fear. Be yourself.  Stop playing small. Make peace with who you are. Love yourself first.

Amazing? Powerful? Liberating

I couldn’t agree more!
Enter the PS I Love Me Self-Love Challenge.  It’s a 5-day online, group challenge where I will provide you with unique strategies, rituals and tools that will teach you how to flex your self-love muscle so that you can start living a life you love. 
It is my mission on this planet to help women just like you own their desires and bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to go so that they can create a life they love ON PURPOSE.
I’ve seen firsthand how simply allowing yourself to put your needs, wants and desires first can create a domino effect of positive change in a woman’s life.

Which is why I created the PS I Love Me 5-Day Self-Love Challenge
Over the course of 5 days, I’ll lead you through experiments and prompts to help you smash through the limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviours and insecurities that keep you stuck in a vicious cycle of unhappiness and feeling not good enough.  

We start on Thursday, February 9th and we’ll cap it off on the International Day of Self-Love (February 13th).

As a special incentive for you to do the work and go all in on your self-love practice, I’ve teamed up with Girl Talk Empowerment to give 2 lucky winners a special Valentine’s edition of the P.I.N.K. Box*.  You can learn more about this incredible organization, the vision behind this innovative subscription box and why this giveaway item is more than a beauty box with purpose here.


So gorgeous, you in? If so...
All you have to do is click HERE to join us!


I can’t wait to practice strengthening those self-love muscles with you later this week!


PS: Sometimes we need a gentle nudge or a hand to hold as we venture into new and uncharted territory.  Think of me as the high-fiving, deep-belly laughing bestie you never had; always there by your side when you need it to help you realize your truth and live from the heart.  So spread the love, share this with your friends!
*North American residents only