Finding My Yin Within

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A few years ago, I took a Yin Yoga class at my local yoga studio.


I had no idea what to expect but it seemed "chill" and at the time, I desperately NEEDED chill.

I can still remember feeling all the emotions in that class....discomfort, frustration, impatience, anger (why are we holding this pose FOREVER⁉️). And then at some point, I can't recall when or how but I just relaxed. I got so relaxed that I woke myself up snoring!!! And when I left the class that evening, I recall feeling like I was walking on a cloud. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

In fact, the experience was so profound that it scared the bejeezus out of me. And I never went back.


Fast forward to last week. That same urge to "chill" was back. And seemingly out of nowhere I felt the pull to see if my local yoga studio hosted any Yin classes. And as it turns out, the studio right across the street from me offers warm Yin classes! (*waves to @mokshayogabloorwest!!*)

My first class was a warm yin + reiki class set to music which was utterly delicious - I felt so blissed out for the rest of the day. And last night's class featured LIVE piano! When the teacher ended the practice and said 'namaste' I could have stayed there, lying in savasana for the rest of the evening.


And the best part? I came home and had the best sleep I've had in MONTHS - WIN!

Did I experience the same frustration, discomfort, impatience and anger during these last 2 practices? YOU BETCHA. But the difference this time around was that I took it as an opportunity to see and watch those thoughts, to feel and name those feelings and let them be there, without judgment. I breathed into the discomfort rather than pushing it away, distracting my mind with different thoughts or breaking the pose altogether when it got too intense (for the most part, that Toe Squat pose was cray cray! #realtalk)

This time around I feel ready to embrace this practice wholeheartedly. I welcome the dedicated time and space to shut out the outside world, to slow down, intentionally go inward and release the physical, mental and emotional tension I'm holding onto (consciously or subconsciously).

This practice is such a powerful reminder that it's not always about needing to move forward. Sometimes, it's about simply sitting still and noticing. Doing less, not more.


Here's to following the whispers of your soul and hoping that this post encourages you to try something new, or perhaps revisit something you once tried and abandoned. But above all, I hope it offers you permission to answer the desires that you so often overlook.