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Hey there, I'm Samantha.

A nutritionist, personal trainer and sales professional dedicated to helping busy, go-getter women lose their last 10 stubborn, persistent pounds so that they can move on with their lives and become the person they most want to be.

My philosophy

Food freedom

You’re going to eat what makes you feel good, satisfied and happy. Yes, you read that right. You’ll learn that there aren’t any “good” or “bad” foods and there is no such thing as perfect eating – only what works for you. Our work together centres around finding an eating style that you enjoy, is sustainable in the long term AND gets you the results you desire.


No meal plans or crash diets here. One size does not fit all. That is, the moment we take ourselves and our unique preferences, sensitivities and individual quirks out of the equation is the moment we’ve lost. It is possible to reach your goals and enjoy how you eat in a way that works for you.


Levelling up and achieving your dream-come-true-weight is a practice. It’s a process, it takes mindfulness and it requires you to be patient and kind to yourself as you learn new habits and develop new behaviours. You need to be willing to learn as we go and move forward. Remember: there is no wagon to fall off of – only a better you each day.

Let me show you how

About Samantha

After receiving my Honours Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, I went on to get a Masters in Management. I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry selling specialty medications that help manage chronic and life-altering diseases. My work + passion for health and fitness lead me to continue my studies and now I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP) and personal trainer, currently teaching weekly classes at F45 Etobicoke Central as well as indoor cycling at 6IX Cycle in Toronto.

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I am passionate about…

educating + empowering

inspiring women to be the best version of themselves, lifting heavy AF weights, educating people that there is no single or "right" way to be healthy, helping you give yourself permission to want what you want, radical self-acceptance and self-compassion, the importance of mental hygiene.

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I am known for…

being intensely goal oriented

giving 120% and then some, my love of coffee and early AM workouts, always choosing growth over comfort, my obsession with LaCroix sparkling water, being a connector, taking way too long to text back and spending excessively on clothes (both fitness and fancy).


I want to leave a legacy by...

being an example of what is possible

being allergic to mediocrity, challenging society's belief about what is possible for my human life. I firmly believe: if you crave it, you can create it. The only thing that is stopping you from anything and everything you want in your life is the BS story you keep telling yourself. You were meant for so much more than you give yourself credit for and I want to show you that you have everything within you to achieve your goals.

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You should totally…

bring your whole self to the table

love yourself HARD, move your body daily, eat deliciously, rock the bikini, write the book, go on the trip, date the guy (or girl!), and above all, want what you want without hesitation, guilt or shame.

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