Because right now you feel stuck. Blah. Stagnant. Disconnected from yourself and frustrated with your situation. Wondering when you’re ever going to get “there” (you know, there, that mythical destination where some better version of yourself resides).


You’re craving something more, but you’re not entirely sure what that actually looks like.


And perhaps it’s been building for a while or it suddenly just hit you —


IS THIS IT? Is that all there is?
I’m supposed to be living my “dream” life, and I’m miserable. I keep working harder and harder and pushing more and more because I keep telling myself that more money, friends, higher positions, six-pack abs [fill in the blank] will fill the void.

And let me guess…

The world sees you as successful and you feel anything but, so in an effort to distract yourself from this all-encompassing feeling of dissatisfaction, you turn to external things that will help you avoid the uncomfortable emotions you don’t want to face?

You often feel stuck, anxious, bored, confused, overwhelmed and even ungrateful for the perfect-on-paper life you do have, so you -


  • Binge on Netflix
  • Distract yourself by #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk-ing to get the promotion or new position
  • Think "EFF IT!" and dive headfirst into that bag of chips, vowing to 'get back on track Monday'
  • Or (and this is the big one), deny your deep desires, doubt your real dreams and pretend you don't know what you really want (which keeps you from actually getting it)



How do I know all this?

That woman was me.

Let me assure you, sweetheart — you are not alone in this experience. And the good news? There is absolutely something you can do about it.

I know you because I was you, and that means I know that


  • you want to become the woman you've always known you could be

  • you simply need a roadmap (not a blanket approach) to re-discovering who that really is

You’re smart, so I know you've got a sense of where you'd like to go, but could use some help and support in figuring things out.





I’m Samantha Ushedo,

a Certified Nutritionist turned Holistic Health Coach.


I believe that self-love is your birthright.

Waiting to be happy is the worst kind of wasted time.

Self-compassion is the best form of self-help.

And if you crave it, you can create it.

I specialize in helping women like you practice fierce self love 24/7/365, choose growth over comfort and always strive to be the best version of yourself. And I truly believe you can have it all. YOUR all.


My sole mission is to help you drop your stories, uncover your innermost desires and activate your innate strengths so that you can take action on what matters most to create the results you truly desire in your life.  


My Philosophy

When it comes to health and wellness, I believe that it needs to be integrated, personalized, holistic, and focused not only on nutrition and fitness, but heavily on mindset and self-care as well. Because if my experience taught me anything, it’s that if you don’t go within, you go without.

Why Coaching?

Coaching is about bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be—and creating extraordinary results in your life, health, relationships, or career.

You may be thinking, “Why do I need a coach? I can do that myself.”

My question is this: If you can, why haven’t you?

Because it’s not easy to bridge the gap alone.

Coaching with me can help you close that gap and realize your potential more quickly, easily, and joyfully.


Want to learn more about how we can work together?